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cashFast Cash can be hard to achieve. Usually – if you make Fast Cash you are then owing someone else cash and have pay interest. There is a lot of information across the Internet proclaiming fast cash.

Most of these are unachievable. However, we have listed a ton of ideas that can help you get your hands on some cash fast.

Everyone can get into money troubles at sometime in their life. If you urgently need cash it can put extra stress on your life that you don’t need.

When you do – you want to be prepared for the impact in may have on your financial future. You need to find cash fast and the best way to do this is investigate your options. Be very careful in what you do when you run into trouble – as your decisions could make things worse.

Getting some fast cash is going to get you out of trouble quickly. There are many ideas for getting fast cash. Check out this list.

dollarGet a Small Loan

Be very careful with this one. You can get a small loan from many money lenders. But be wary. They often come with high interest rates which if you can’t pay the loan back will compound the problem and make things worse.

dollarSell Your Goods at Cash Converters

If you are after a small sum of money, take your secondhand goods into places like Cash Converters. This will give you some instant cash. But also be wary – you will not get much cash for your goods.

dollarGet a Payday Advance

You can get a payday advance with cheap rates. You can choose to have up to 30 days to repay the payday advance.

Be very careful if you sign up for one of these and make sure you read the fine print.

A payday advance is an unsecured loan and this will help you get fast cash to help you with your money shortage.

dollarSell Something on EBay

Without a doubt, eBay generates cash easily. EBay gets a massive amounts of traffic. If you need to make some cash fast then use eBay to sell things.

You can get stuff to sell from literally anywhere. Dropshippers, wholesalers, discounts stores or even eBay itself. There are tons of places to find goods.

ebayThere are so many products you can sell on EBay it is not funny. Think about any possible niche you can and find a supplier and get to it. There are still great opportunities to sell things on EBay even though some of the markets are heavily saturated with competitors.

Click here to read more about selling your things on EBay.

dollarGet Involved in Affiliate Marketing

Lots of people are getting into online affiliate marketing. Are you doing this yet? You get paid by promoting other peoples’ products once and will get paid a good commission, usually over 50% once the sale has been completed.

There are some famous Affiliate websites that pay you to promote products. These are;

– Clickbank

– Commission Junction

– Amazon

– Paydotcom.

Basically, you sign up to their websites and then create your own website to promote their products. There are millions of people doing this right now.

Most cash making activities take time, skill, patience and practice. If you persist you should get there eventually.

dollarGet a Cash Advance

What is a Cash Advance? There are many different examples, however, let’s take a look at this one.

You go to a store and buy a $50 set of golf clubs. You use your debit card to pay for the clubs. However, you only have $20 in your account. When the transaction goes through, the bank debits your account the amount of the purchase, but also debits a massive fee. Just say the fee is $30. You have now paid $80 for your clubs instead of $50.

Yes, you got cash quickly; however, you paid a lot for the benefit. You should face the facts and realize that making fast cash is not always easy. Usually, you must work hard and smart to get fast cash. Don’t expect it to happen overnight.

Read More about Cash Advances.

dollar‘Get Rich’ Schemes

Get Rich Schemes – Can you make fast cash from them?

It is unlikely that you can. Usually, the get rich schemes are making the people that set them up rich. The old rule still applies and will always apply.

“If it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is”

Whenever you see a similar type of scheme – ask yourself that question, do your research before jumping in head first, and if you do get scammed, learn from your mistake.

dollarOdd Jobs

Do the “Tried and Tested Method” – Odd Jobs,

Odd jobs can certainly make you some money fast. Yes, they might be boring and hard work, however, after a day’s work or even less, you could have some decent cash in your pockets.

Think of all the ‘jobs’ that other people need done around their homes. This certainly is a good place to start.

dollarBuy A House

Huh? Buy a House?

OK, this can be complicated depending on your skill level, however, if you buy in the right place, at the right time and at the right price, you can make significant cash fast.

The best thing you can do is learn about the local market in your area and do some research online about how to make money buying houses. Plenty of people do it and make tons of cash.

As the old saying goes ” As Safe as Houses”.

dollarComplete Surveys Online

Participate in Surveys. You can make fast money from surveys.

However, it is not going to be large amounts. Yes, you can simply fill out surveys online and get paid into your Paypal account as soon as you finish the survey. Watch out you do not get scammed though.

There are ligitimate places that will pay you money to answer surveys. These places may pay you $2 for a 30 minute survey. It is not much, however if you complete a lot of them it could add up.

dollar‘Flip’ Websites

Ever heard of Website Flipping? This is where you create a website, not just an average looking one, but a professional looking one, and resell it online. Plenty of people make significant amounts of money doing this.

Yes, you are certainly going to need to learn the basics about the internet and how it works, however, the more you learn the more you will make. You could sell your websites at places like EBay or Sitepoint.


Got a Car? Join one of those companies that pay you to drive around in a car with advertising on it. This can be a good way to make cash. Some companies allow you to have a free car – a new model as well, if you simply drive around.

Usually there are certain requirements and a high number of kilometers required each week, so if you find you are on the road a lot, this is certainly an attractive way to make some extra cash.


If you need some pocket money, help the environment at the same time and cash in your cans. Aluminum cans can make you some small change and it is really easy to do.

Just go around hunting for aluminum cans and take them to your local depot to recycle. Some states allow this and others do not so check out what law applies in your state.


dollarAutomated Cash Formula – i.e. Passive Income

Passive Income is the ideal income. You should be trying to get passive income streams all feeding passive icome to you. This is not fast cash, however, it is income that sends you money for the long term without you actively involved in generating that money on a daily basis.

Read More about Automated Cash Formula.

Making fast cash is not as easy as pulling money off a money tree. If it was, then everyone would be doing it. The internet however, allows you to make passive income in many different ways and you certainly should investigate this further if you want to make fast cash by setting up your own cash systems and methods to generate you fast cash.