How To Make an Elmo Birthday Cake – Further Steps

OK, now you need to do the remainder of his face. This means mixing up some icing to get red. If you use red food colouring, you will find that it is difficult to get a strong red. You can get

other types of red colouring – however, if you don’t want to – just add lots of red food colouring – and it will be pretty close to red.

Step 8: Use one of those icing decorator things you can buy quite cheaply. Put the star piece on and fill it with red icing. Then start putting the red stars on his face. It may take a bit of time, so you need some patience, however, it is really easy to do.

IMG_8316Keep going with the red stars on his face.


IMG_8320Step 9: Once done, time to add his eyes. Use the back of the nib from the cake icing decorator or something round. Create an indentation in the white icing where his eyes will go.


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