How to Make Money Online From Tumblr

Looking to make some money online? There are plenty of ways to make cash online, but let me tell you – it is HARD work.

If you are not prepared to put some big effort in to making cash,. then forget it. You really do need to be smart at what you are doing and work hard to achieve your goals.

Really it comes down to:

Create a website – add content and add advertising through a third party or link to a product to sell.

That is it really.


However – is it really that easy?

A simple way to make cash is to use Tumblr. Set up a Tumblr blog in a very narrow niche. It would be best to find a good converting product first and then set up your blog that reflects the product in a narrow niche.

Here is a basic example:

Find a product that has an affiliate program. You could try the pet niche. Then, set up a blog that is all about pets.

Put your advertising on the side and then start participating in the niche.

One HUGE word or warning. If you are going to spend a lot of time on your Tumblr blog, be aware that it could get deleted at anytime.

However – with that in mind just be prepared that you may lose it.

You can make some good cash doing this with Tumblr.

Have you made money with Tumblr? If so leave a comment on how you did it for others and we will approve the comment with a backlink to your Tumblr Blog so people can see how you have done it.

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