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Make Money Online With Adsense

The server which hosts all my sites was hacked giving me a huge headache as I’m a complete Linux newbie. Although everything seems to be sorted for the moment I’m not
sure how long it will hold out.

I was actually thinking of moving all my websites over to a Hostgator reseller account when my contract is up with my current Host in July and this whole episode has sorta reinforced the need to do that.

When I signed up for my Virtual Private Seller account last year I had illusions of learning the ins and out of Linux and becoming a master server administrator but its hard to find the time to put in the required effort when there’s so many other things going on. I’ve heard awesome things about Hostgator anyways from a few people online and I’ve signed up to be an affiliate with them so this will be a chance for me to try it out.

What I’ve Been Doing To Make Money With Adsense
I haven’t got as much done as I would have liked the last week but I’ve still managed to get a few things accomplished that will hopefully start baring fruit in the near future. I signed up for Article Marketing Automation (AMA), a service that allows you to submit “spinable” articles to be distributed to a large team of bloggers with the effect of getting anchored links back to your sites.

I’ve only signed up for the 1 week free trial for the time being but my articles seem to be getting published far and wide. If this turns into better results in the SERP’s then I’ll be getting a full-time membership for sure.

Adsense: Make Money Online – Site 2
Finally got round to making a start on my second Make Money With Adsense Site. I had a domain related to a niche in the car insurance industry lying around doing nothing so I decided to put it to use and build a site.

What I’ve done so far on my second make money with Adsense site:

  • Chosen my niche
  • Installed WordPress
  • Put up a couple of keyword rich posts
  • Submitted an article aimed at my main keyword to 5 article directories
  • Submitted a “Spinable” article to AMA to get numerous anchored links to my site propagating throughout the Internet

What I’m going to do today
Write another keyword rich post for my new niche website
Do some research and find a niche for make Money With Adsense site.

These are just some tips to help you make more money with AdSense.